How is Doodle Art different from other art forms?

Many adults remember how they used to doodle for hours when they were young. Kids love drawing funny faces, pictures, shapes and lines.

I have written about the benefits of Doodle Art to creativity and wellbeing in my previous blog post. You can find it here.
Doodle art is not completely separate from other art forms though. In fact, it involves sketching, drawing, painting and illustrating. However, doodle art is created in a representative manner.

The Mind as the Main Difference between Doodling and Drawing

 Doodling is sketching from the subconscious mind. It is something we do while engaging in other activities. Other art forms, such as sculpture or painting, take place when we start giving meaning to our doodling.

While doodling is generally associated with boredom and monotonous activity it has actually been proven to help increase our focus. Similar to dream interpretations, doodle art meaning is often subjective. The key is to look up the meaning of your doodle art without worrying too much about what it indicates.

Doodling has Different Techniques to Other Art Forms

Drawing is generally defined as depicting a subject by the use of lines. Painting is the art of coating lines and surfaces with paint for artistic purposes.

Doodling and Drawing are still related and most often combined to create an artwork. With attention and mindfulness, you can use doodling to create a beautiful piece of art. Doodles can be anything from geometric shapes, faces, human figures, animals, and imaginary figures, to sketching letters, flowers and numbers.

Doodle art is Much Simpler than Other Art Forms

Doodle art is less overwhelming than painting or drawing. In doodle art, basic shapes are logically combined together. When you doodle the aim is not to create something perfect but to get your pen on paper to explain and develop your vision.

Doodling represents our true emotions and is therefore an important part of the process of getting ideas out from your brain. At my workshops, I teach my students how to focus and connect with their emotions in order to develop these shapes into beautiful works of art. The shapes have different meanings in terms of emotions. Horizontal lines invoke serenity and stability while vertical lines invokes poise and stillness.

You don’t need to follow a specific rule when you Doodle. While drawing is a finished stand alone art piece that could take hours, or even weeks to perfect, you can spend about 10 minutes on a doodle and represent your thought.

 How Doodle Art Sessions can Help You

Not only will your drawing skills improve when you practice doodle art but you will also notice how stress-free you feel when you finish creating your work. As your simple doodles become more elaborate your sense of satisfaction will increase.


“ I would like to thank Ashima for introducing me to doodle art. When we started the class I was surprised to see myself open up to the concept of different design, it made my mind more positive and gave me a fulfilling experience. It gave a feeling of letting my inner thoughts flow through designs and patterns, and at the end of the session we had a beautiful picture drawn by myself with some stunning amalgamation of my thoughts. So addicted I am to this art now, that I have started doodling immensely during my free time. It makes me more focused towards my goals which seem achievable and positive. Big Thanks to Ashima for bringing out the little artist in me .”  –  Pooja, IT Professional 

As a student in my doodle art sessions, I will teach you how to be mindful and put a little effort into the right direction so you could create beautiful artwork and enjoy the wellbeing effects of doodling. I will help you learn how to express yourself and translate your thoughts into a piece of art. You will then learn how to develop these artworks and work on the details.

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