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Wearable Art
Doodle Art For Wellbeing

Ashima uses graphic forms and color emotively as a translation of her dreams and feelings. Always looking to transmute the experiential into visible patterns and abstract forms, she sees her artistic practice as threefold: “dream, doodle, design”. Her artworks are spontaneous, like relaying feelings onto paper through the mere act of breathing. Her hope, of the artwork, is; the viewer discovers new things each time they look at it.


Ashima’s artworks are the translation of her dreams and what touches her soul. That is why art to her is ‘Dream, Doodle, Design’

Wearable Art

The silk scarves were born out of Ashima’s desire to adorn the human form with art

Doodle Art

These workshops are relaxing, mindful and a creative escape from the modern-day busy life


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