Ashima Kumar

Dream . Doodle . Design

Ashima’s artworks are the translation of her dreams and what touches her soul. That is why art to her is ‘Dream, Doodle, Design’.

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Wearable Art

“There is nothing like a good scarf to make a banal outfit sublime.”

These silk scarves were born out of Ashima’s desire to adorn the human form with art.

Our clothes don’t just enhance our looks but also play a vital role in molding our perception about ourselves and the world’s perception about us. With their exploration into the highest realms of creativity these wearable pieces of art capture the highest human aspiration.

They are a contemporary style statement and homage to the eternal within us.

Doodle Art Workshops

“Every artist was first an amateur”. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is where Ashima Art comes in. We aim to inspire people – colleagues at work, families at home, students at school – to discover the inner artist in them in an enjoyable and fun learning environment. We offer virtual and in person doodle art classes that provides an enriching experience of connecting with oneself and boosting creativity.

Blog Posts

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