Doodle Art for Wellbeing

These workshops are intended to be relaxing, mindful and a creative escape from modern-day busy life

Doodle Art for Wellbeing

“Every artist was first an amateur”. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is where Ashima Art comes in. We aim to inspire people – colleagues at work, families at home, students at school – to discover the inner artist in them in an enjoyable and fun learning environment. We offer virtual and in-person doodle art mindfulness sessions that provide an enriching experience of connecting with oneself and boosting creativity.

Modern lives can be so busy that it’s often easy to sometimes overlook your own health and wellbeing.

Managing your stress levels can sometimes feel like a full-time job on its own.

Doodle art is a great mindfulness activity that one can embrace for mental wellbeing. It also helps to boost creativity and confidence.

What is Doodle art and how it works?

Doodle art is a thought that arise from the unconscious- it is an interpretation of our deeply and unconsciously held beliefs and thought processes. It helps to dig deep into your memory to bring forth new ideas and expressions. It helps to quiet the mind and connects us with our inner wisdom. The art-making process takes one out of the realm of analytical thinking and into the realm of silence, reverie, and heightened awareness.

As you translate complex shapes into simple line drawings using logic and creativity, you ignite the dormant aspects of your brain resulting in,

  • Mindfulness and mindful correlation
  • Improved memory power
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Improved focus
  • Improved expression of emotions
  • Reduced stress levels
What you will Learn/ Key takeaways
  • In this interactive workshop, the participants will be able to produce a unique piece of artwork.
  • A wonderful way to connect with oneself, this workshop is especially suited for those who want to de-stress and rejuvenate creatively. That basically means all of us.
  • Understand doodle form/shape
  • Learn to maintain a Journal
  • Free flow of creativity
  • People tend to find their creativity is really amplified in this workshop, and you find the design comes naturally to you as you work
Make Art. Not Stress.


  • One-off session for 90 min, will focus on one technique
  • Multiple sessions: 4 sessions for 60 min each
  • Sessions can be designed based on the need and requirement
  • The sessions can be conducted online via Zoom or in-person

Age Group

  • Children: 6 +
  • Adults: 18- 80 years

Who are the session for?

  • For Schoolchildren
  • For Mental health
  • For learning difficulties
  • People wanted to explore their creativity
  • For overall wellbeing