How doodle art and design can help you relax and bring you back to the present moment

My Artistic Background  

I’m a visual artist and graphic designer with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Delhi College of Art, one of the prestigious institutions in India. Teaching and creating educational material for children and young adults have always been close to my heart. In order to advance my skills in the subject, I pursued a Diploma in Children, Youth and Development from the Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Hague, Netherlands. Over the years I have studied the doodling technique and developed my own style of contemporary art. I have integrated this form to my art which has been exhibited in art galleries and shows around the world.

“Art helps to express what we cannot otherwise convey.”

My Work as an Artist and Teacher of Art and Design

I have been working at the cutting edge of Graphic Design and Visual Art for many years. My creative works are an exploration of the world around me. Inspired by Kalamkari art and Zentangle, I have developed my own style of contemporary art to create mixed media artworks. I have been teaching doodle art and design for over 10 years and have guided children aged 3-16 in doodling and expressing their inner-self though simple art forms and colours. My doodle art sessions help children improve their memory, enhance creativity, increase focus, help express their emotions and relieve anxiety.

I work with children and adults between the ages 5-70, my students include children who have anxiety and adults who wish to use doodle art as a stress buster.

I use Doodle Art to help people relax and reduce anxiety and bring them to the present moment. The message behind my artworks is, DREAM.DOODLE.DESIGN. In addition to teaching others, I practice doodle art myself to convey my own thoughts. My teaching relates directly to my own art, which reinforces my belief in it.

What is Doodle Art?

Doodle Art is the translation of thought to a visual language. Doodles may seem very random, however multiple studies have shown that they are not quite as random as they appear. Doodles are non-verbal messages that surface from the subconscious mind. Typically, they symbolise feelings, thoughts, and perceptions in visual form. It is a window into a person’s internal landscape. During the process of doodling, the pen often seems to come to life by itself, and the artists or students find themselves surprised at the results.

Doodling can be regarded as a language. Therefore, by developing doodling skills, people can express themselves and reflect their inner world. When they doodle freely and spontaneously, they develop their unique visual language and improve their graphic abilities.

Doodling expresses one’s temperament and daily experiences. In a sense, it is possible to compare the decoding of the doodle to the interpretation of dreams.

Doodle art carries a set of symbols, some clear and manageable, others vague and hidden. Different shapes represent different feelings and emotions.

This artwork has been created by a 10 year. This child loves landscapes.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography and illustration. Graphic designers create and combine symbols, images and text to form visual representations of ideas and messages. With the use of bold and rule-breaking visual language, graphic design can inspire and be a vital element in the growth of businesses and also in encouraging public perceptions in desirable ways.

How Doodle Art and Graphic Design are Blended Together to communicate a Thought/Idea and enhance Creativity

I blend doodle art and graphic design together by combining symbols, text, shapes and line art to form visual representation of ideas and messages. I believe that everyone is an artist who can create a beautiful work as an expression of their own uniqueness. Doodle art is a repetitive art form with distinct patterns that engages the mind, heart and hand in synchronicity becoming an immersive meditative experience.

For children, it is a helpful tool in channelling their energies and helps improve attention span and focus.

Session in progress. Examples are provided based on the interest of the participant to get them started.

The Benefits of Doodle Art – How my Doodle Art sessions can help you

There are numerous benefits to Doodle Art, particularly for wellbeing:

1. Doodle art as an Outlet of creativity

Doodling offers the mind an opportunity to express itself in a creative way. It is conversion of 3D forms to simplified line drawings.

doodle art workshop
A participant creating an artwork using reparative forms.

2. It helps reduce Anxiety

One of the incredible benefits of doodling is its ability to keep you focused on the present moment – the here and now. Engaging in creative activity can significantly reduce stress in the body. When you draw out mental imagery from the subconscious mind, you are engaging in a useful activity for anxiety. It is a reparative art form which helps the mind slow down from overthinking or wandering; it is calming and provides stress and anxiety relief.

That’s why it’s OK to doodle just before a test or a job interview. If you find yourself doodling out of boredom or stress, ask yourself which is healthier: stressing about the outcome or drawing something random?

3. It Boosts Self-Esteem

It doesn’t matter what type of art you choose to create, or how well you create it. The sense of accomplishment you experience once your piece is complete will boost your self-esteem significantly. This feeling is very similar to the sense of pride a child experiences when you put their artwork on display on the mantelpiece. It doesn’t matter that their drawing was asymmetrical, what matters is that the child made it with their own hands, from start to finish, and you valued it enough to put it on display.

4. It increases Focus and Attention

A research from 2009 showed that doodling while listening to someone on the phone may benefits a person’s focus and attention. The research revealed that participants were able to recall 29% more of the information afterward compared to those who just took notes (Andrade, 2009).

5. It Promotes Catharsis

One of the major benefits of doodle art as a wellness vehicle is its unique ability to promote catharsis. When you doodle, you help your mind tap into deeply held emotions and bring them to the surface. Over time, this promotes psychological homeostasis, much in the same way that dream therapy does.

This has been created by a 10 year old. Here the participant is expressing her changing feelings during a 2 hour session.

6. It Encourages Self-Discovery

When you draw out faces, lines, and shapes, you allow an opportunity for self-discovery. By assessing some of what you sketch through mindful reflection, you learn more about the inner you. Rather than judge your doodles for quality, it’s better to examine them for their meaning. Often, you’ll find they symbolise abandoned parts of the self.

What happens during a Doodle Art Session?

Doodle Art classes take place once a week and last one hour. Over the years I have developed my own system of creating doodle art with my students by using simple tools and following clear step-by-step instructions. The students use a shape chart and learn how to draw their chosen shapes. I teach them how to start drawing, how to keep the shapes connected and how to repeat the pattern. I inspire the children and young adults by starting with the basics and giving a few examples. These workshops are intended to be relaxing, mindful and a creative escape from modern day busy life. We use geometric shapes, symbols, abstract forms, and I encourage the students to doodle faces or parts of a face, which would help with self discovery.

My Doodle Art Sessions – What Parents Say

‘I can see that, with every class my daughters hand is becoming more free and her confidence has also gone up. The classes have helped her to relax and now its she and her creativity.’

-Mum of a 10 year old

‘Ashima is extremely dedicated to her art/passion. It was very evident in her talk and I felt really comfortable to talk about my struggles. She showed us few techniques on how to create design and how repetitive action will help in reducing stress. The best part is you can doodle anywhere!’

–A working mother

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