Connect. Relax. Express with Doodle Art


Don’t allow the stresses of life to take over you rendering you powerless and non-productive. Dabbling in art will not only de-stress you, it will make you ready to face the challenges of the day with ease, happiness and joy.

Everyone is an artist. Everyone can create a thing of beauty as an expression of their own uniqueness. Doodle art is a repetitive art form with distinct patterns that engages the head, heart and hand in synchronicity becoming an immersive meditative experience.

For children it helps to channelize their energies and overtime helps in increasing the concentration span and focus

What you will Learn/ Key takeaways

  • In this interactive workshop the participants will be able to produce a unique piece of art work.
  • A wonderful way to connect with oneself, this workshop is especially suited for those who want to de-stress and rejuvenate creatively. That basically means all of us.
  • Understand doodle form/shape
  • Learn to maintain a Journal
  • Free flow of creativity
  • People tend to find their creativity is really amplified in this workshop, and you find the design comes naturally to you as you work

These workshops are intended to be relaxing, mindful and a creative escape from modern day busy life.

Make Art. Not Stress.

  • Workshop: 2 hours drawings with shapes and how to maintain a journal), all material provided
  • Age Group: 15- 60 years
  • Dates: On demand
  • Time: On demand

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