Doodle Art Workshop

Everyone has an artist within. Everyone can create a thing of beauty as an expression of their own uniqueness.”

Doodle Art Workshop

Studies have shown that doodling can free up short- and long-term memory, improve content retention and increase attention span. It can also produce creative insight, because “when the mind starts to engage with visual language, you get neurological access that you don’t have when you’re in a linguistic mode,” says Sunni Brown, an Austin, Texas, author of a new book, “The Doodle Revolution”.

Doodle Art Workshop is designed for everyone who wants to learn and give this amazing form of art a chance. It is for beginners, artists, non – artists or for those who are looking to cope with stress in their lives.

This workshop is a brain child of Artist Ashima Kumar, who has designed the session in such a way that people not only get to learn the basics about doodling, they also create a work of art which they can be proud of.

At Doodle Art Workshop, I believe that there is no age for learning. This workshop is open to everyone who wants to explore doodling to enhance their creativity. It touches on many aspects like building your own ideas, exploring oneself, relieving stress, inspiring yourself and others.  This is a fun and knowledgable workshop where your head, heart and hand will work in synchronicity resulting in a piece of art.

My objective is to inspire everyone who attends this workshop to dive deep within and explore their creativity.  I do not believe in copying , I want you to be your own mentor and let me be the lighting source.

What YOU will learn and key take- aways

  • The basics of doodling
  • Materials, tools and techniques
  • Developing ideas
  • Creating patterns/compositions using basic shapes and line art
  • Learning to combine different shapes/forms together
  • The basics of typography
  • Refining your art
  • How to know your own style
  • How to blend doodles in design
  • Participants tend to find their creativity is really amplified, and find the ideas come naturally to them as they work. This helps to relax and improve focus.

Workshops offered for;

  1. Schools
  2. Corporates
  3. Social events

What Participants have to say about the workshops:

‘I thoroughly enjoyed my De-stress & Express Doodle Art session with Ashima. That evening instead of doing my usual meditation, I mindfully finished off my Doodle Art piece & found the effects just as beneficial as my meditation – after 20 minutes I felt relaxed, calm and refreshed. Wonderful!’

‘Ashima is extremely dedicated to her art/passion. It was very evident in her talk and I felt really comfortable to talk about my struggles. She showed us few techniques on how to create design and how repetitive action will help in reducing stress. The best part is you can doodle anywhere!’

Ciaran Ivanovic, Mindful Kids founderA professional, mother &  wife

‘With every class my hand has become more free and my confidence has also gone up. The classes have helped me to relax and now its me and my creativity.’

‘I’d love to recommend Ashima’s art classes for kids. My daughter who is 9 attended art classes with Ashima in the May half term and was all praises. She says she learnt some awesome art techniques which she will now use at school and for making greetings for her friends! She is a fan and now wants to go for more fun lessons over the summer break.’

School teacherHappy Parent
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